Monday, April 8, 2013


Multiflow Computer is the personal story of a computer start-up, centered on Josh Fisher and his creation of VLIW architecture. Written by his wife, the book describes Multiflow’s initial funding problems, its emergence as a rising star, increasingly desperate searches for funding, and its shutting down after the failure of negotiations with the Digital Equipment Corporation.

The computer industry was the Wild West in the 1980s—fun; it seemed as though anything could happen. Josh thought his radically different approach to computer design would revolutionize scientific computing, and he came closer to seeing that happen than seems possible. This book describes that dream: Josh’s changing with blinding speed from a scruffy graduate student with working class roots to a respected scientist and seasoned senior executive—and his family’s living with the excitement. Then it all came apart when the company went under.

Multiflow Computer is also the story of the group of smart, talented young engineers—first rate computer scientists, every one of them—full of drive and strong opinions, who went on to become stars in the computer industry. They built a revolutionary computer with joy and esprit de corps—with colleagues smarter than any they ever imagined, working on an exciting new technology they believed would change the computer industry. It was a remarkable adventure for everyone involved.